ASE’s work principle

ASE – the center where builds up the unique ability of children from 4-15 years old. Our promise is to bring a highly creative environment following the educational philosophy of Montessori. To create a student-centered environment, ASE focuses on making an educational playground, which supports children from 4 to 15 years old to complete their communication, individual thinking and teamwork skills. After many courses, they can be trained in both IQ and EQ. This phase of transformation is very essential for your children’s future.

Our mission

Provoke the learning and discoverable passion of children. Create a modern learning environment and raise their desire for learning at school.

Our vision

To be a preschool-oriented education system and to help your children to nurse and improve their personalities, their own unique skills, smart behavior and open thinking so that they can get used to the global trend.

What are the special things which only happen at ASE?

Unlock the unique potential inside your children

Every child from the beginning of their life possesses unique gifts. The Montessori Method of Education at ASE will help to train those gifts and turn them into useful skills for the future investment.

Global integration with acumen skills and extensive knowledge

With the upcoming globalization trend, ASE will be the perfect place for your children. We will provide them intensive knowledge, sharp perception, flexible skills on their way of becoming a global citizen.

Developing at the "golden" age

The difference of ASE from other centers: Instead of applying the Montessori method of Education in the preschool children, ASE provides programs for children from 4 and 15 years old who have begun to recognize their surroundings. So, they need to build their foundation knowledge for their comprehensive development in the future.

Time flexibility for busy families

Our courses will be designed throughout the week from Monday to Saturday. So you, the parents who are busy with your work, will have no more worries about your children’s study schedule. Your children will have a fun, safe, educative environment at ASE where they can play and study as well.

ASE method supports children's full development

Montessori is the educational method to bring into play each child’s unique potential. Thereby, the method gives the children the space, suitable time to find out and develop their abilities. Studying with Montessori method of Education, your children can
Choose their favorite subjects to study, discover and master the knowledge. Montessori always respects children’s ideas as well as never forces the children into any framework.
Acquire knowledge and know how to apply the knowledge in the practice via the practical educational method.
Develop social skills, independence as well as train their brain via the lessons designed by Cambridge curriculum from the USA.
Acquiring the different cultures since their childhood gives the children the multidimensional thinking that they can recognize things under different points of view. This is also the premise for them to be global citizens in future.

Our teaching team

With the motto “educational quality first”, ASE chooses and trains the teacher teams with the strict standard. Each teacher has not only good practical knowledge, practical teaching methods but also good psychological skills and a good heart for children. Based on the core principles of Montessori Method of Education which choose children as the center, teachers are both knowledge givers and companions of each child. With their enthusiasm and heart in their job, teachers in ASE always do their best in building the ideal educational environment to give the children comprehensive development so as to approach the global target in future. The in-depth classes in ASE are designed based on the world’s advanced curriculums. So, teachers must update themselves every day and create their teaching methods so that they transfer and light the learning passion in every child. To do so, ASE frequently holds teaching training courses to improve the knowledge and skills for teachers so as to bring the constantly innovating and developing environment of education.

ASE’s story

School is not a scary place like what the children usually imagine. This is their second home where they can play and improve themselves. ASE is built so as to bring the creative educational environment to all children, to help them to have the learning passion. Thereby, the children are able to study, discover, and develop their strength. Go to ASE, the children are given the freedom to discover their strength in all kinds of activities. Through the international curriculum used by Montessori Method of Education, the children can open their colorful studying door. All subjects have high practical capacities. The children can do the experiments, teamwork and develop their languages. Thereby, the skill of mastering the knowledge and social skill are built in every child. ASE respects every child and never forces the child to study what he/she doesn’t like. In ASE, teachers will encourage the children to discover their surroundings by their senses and feelings and build their inherent thinking. By this way, the children can learn how to be independent, how to solve the problems and how to study for their practice. With the professional, modern, and creative environment, ASE will be the  solid foundation for every child’s global integration in future.

Creativity - the passkey for global citizens

Creativity is one of the keys to assert ourselves. Thanks to creativity, human beings invented many important things. In this 21st century, creative thinking is very necessary to form a good foundation for your children in future as well as is one of main things to give your children’s success. Fostering and upholding children’s creative thinking is so important  that ASE focuses on. So, all activities in ASE focus on upholding children’s creative ability via Montessori Method of Education which is designed for children from 4-15 years old. In ASE, upholding the creative thinking for your children is attached special importance  from the playground with intellectual stimulated toys such as 2D, 3D models, geometrical puzzles, art tools… to the classes such as Math, Science, Academy English, Second Language, Aesthetic thinking. All activities are instructed by teachers and tutors.

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