Mandarin classes for young learners in ASE

It is not very difficult for you to find a foreign language center which teaches Mandarin Chinese in district 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. However, I am sure that you are hesitating to look for a suitable center for you – the young learners who want to study Mandarin Chinese in order to be easy to find a well-paid job, to expand your soft skills, to enlarge your relationship, to travel, to discover the culture in Asian countries, and so on.  

I recommend you ASE as the place you should take your Mandarin Chinese courses for the following reasons.

  1. Flexible schedule

In ASE, you can discuss and design your suitable course with your busy schedule. So, this is very flexible for learners who do not have specific time to study. This is not easy to find in other centers because those centers ask you to choose their available courses. Sometimes, those courses are not suitable for your working schedules or studying schedule. 

ASE specially offers the online courses for learners who are busy or for those who are not ready to move much.

ASE is always willing to help learners to design a flexible schedule to study Mandarin Chinese. 

  1. Flexible tuition

From the flexible schedule above, ASE offers you flexible tuition. It means that you can pay the tuition fee based on the flexible schedule. This is not easy if you choose the course in other centers because they usually ask you to pay the whole package or half of the package like months, half of a year or 1 year, and so on. 

The tuition fee is also very flexible for tutor/group/mix classes for students who want to improve their communication (group class) or to improve your expected skills (tutor class).

  1. The only one place in District 2 using English to teach Mandarin Chinese 

The special thing in ASE is that teachers use English to teach Mandarin Chinese. It means that you are no longer worried about the difficulties of Mandarin Chinese if you are an English-speaking learner. Furthermore, with the Vietnamese learners, this is the chance for you to practice both languages at the same time. 

  1. Native teachers

To give the standard voice for learners, ASE always gives priority of native teachers. So, most of Mandarin Chinese teachers in ASE are native teachers or Vietnamese-Chinese teachers. 

Those can help you, young learners, be confident to design your own course with a flexible schedule to master this second most spoken language in the world – Mandarin Chinese (*) and study with native teachers with your happiness.

  1. The only one center in District 2 teaching Mandarin Chinese by particular and diversified curriculum for different needs

In ASE, Mandarin Chinese classes are designed from Monday through Saturday. Students have more time to acquire and master four skills of speaking, listening, writing, and grammar in Chinese under the instruction of native teachers. Therefore, the students have more communication chances so that they are confident and able to master this second language. 

Based on the demand of learners, ASE uses the newest curriculums for students such as TOCFL, HSK, Communication. 

So, there are no more reasons to stop you from choosing the place to study Mandarin Chinese in District 2.

Let’s come and enjoy Easy Mandarin Chinese in ASE 


ASE – An educational playground where builds your unique ability up.

🔹Address: 2nd Floor, 101 Tower, Quoc Huong Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

🔹Hotline: (028) 22 16 12 88 – 0832 062 578


(*) Although Chinese is the most spoken language in the world because Chinese includes Mandarin and Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese takes the second-most spoken language after English. 

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